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MOTTO FOR NWGC/CGGC - ''THE GUITAR AT IT'S MOST PROFOUND PLAYS THE SOUND OF TRUTH . . . . WHISPERED'' Martin Quittenton This was given to us by Martin a few years ago - a lovely talented man who had a passion for Classical Guitar. Perrmission has been given for us to use it as our motto - it is solely for our use as of January 2016.

NUMBER OF PERSONS PRESENT - 24 (a mixture of players and non-players)
7.00 pm - Classical Guitar  Ensemble  practice
7.45 pm - Start of meeting

Luthier CARLO ERRICO was present with three of his hand crafted guitars for those present this evening to try

Discussions this evening included


A while ago, organiser Kerry Darke asked if some of their members could join us for our performance slot. Jane suggested they join us for our pre meeting practice session-  we could play through a piece of their choice and they could play a couple of ours. This went extremely well and we hope they will return. Report from our Ensemble leader Alan Duckworth  
''Thanks to all who attended the meeting on the 10th April, it  was a very enjoyable meeting. Our ensemble and the ensemble  from the Aberconwy Guitar Club joined forces for a joint rendition of one of their  tunes  “Monte Carlo” by J Compton and  2 of our tunes from the A. Forrest Ensemble Suite No7, We all enjoyed the performance. '' 

 For further information on ACGG contact Kerry Darke aberconwyguitar@gmail.com 

2. ANGLESEY ARMS HOTEL Alan reported back that the Ensemble practice session at Anglesey Arms went well and will continue to do so as long as there are perhaps no more than 12 players.

3. VALERIE HARTZELL performing Saturday 14th April, 2018 at Thomas Telford Centre, Menai Bridge. Tickets £10 from Jane or through Ents 24 (£11) To see what you could be missing - visit Valerie Hartzell's website  https://www.valeriehartzell.co.uk/

4. CARLO ERRICO CLASSICAL GUITAR FOR SALE - OFFERS INVITED OVER £750 Carlo donated a guitar to NWGC/CGGC for us to auction to raise money for our funds. This guitar has been within our group for 10 years and is now ready to go to a new owner. Call Jane for further information 01407 831480

5. PAUL BRETT VIATEN GUITAR FOR SALE - OFFERS OVER £100 money raised will go toward money we collected last December for the Mental Haelth Unti at Ysbyty Gwynedd. This guitar was kindly donated by Paul Brett. Call Jane on 01407 831480 or e mail.

6. STUDENT CLASSICAL GUITAR FOR SALE £250 Contact Jonathan Richards 01492 539589


Ensemble players this evening were Alan Duckworth, Jane Sinnett, Geoff Tomlinson, Mandy Baines,  Llew Owen, David Jones, and 6 members from ACGG

 A big thank you to Eifion and his team at The Farrar Suite for making us so welcome and to Aberconwy Classical Guitar Group for coming over to join us.


Look forward to seeing you/ hearing you next month

Viva la guitarra
Jane x   

JUNE 2017
Auction of NWGC/CGGC guitar -

NWGC/CGGC PERSONNAL PROFILES  Some very interesting profiles have been received - these will be published on our new site and also a hard copy will be kept in a portfolio to take to meetings for members to read through. AUGUST 2016 - still in progress. 

'NORTH WEST CLASSICAL GUITAR' As seen from above recent guitar workshop with Graham Anthony Devine - we are keeping a link between Liverpool and Chester Guitar Circles 
FIND US ON FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/northwalesguitarcircle.com a live update on who we are, what we do, what we think and what we like.
Here you can also see photographs and video footage. You do not need to be a member of FB to see this page.
We also have a closed group NWGC/CGGC


APRIL 2018

 Vincent  Don McLean  Alex Higgins
 Study No 16  Leo Brouwer  ''
 Andante  Guilliani  ''
 Monte Carlo  J Compton NWGC/CGGC  + ACGG Ensemble
 Bransle 1 Claude Gervaise   
 Danza y Triple  Forrest + Nesbitt  ''
 Pavane  Arbeau  ACGG
 Theme from Pirates of The Carribean  Klaus Badelt  ''
 Pavanne  Susato  ''
 Sonata  Daniel Fortea  Ian + Kev (ACGG)
 Seguiriyas  Juan Martin  Paul Rogers
 Farucca  ''  ''
 All The Sad Sweetness   Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Inisherr  Thomas Hanks (arr Mandy Baines)  Mandy B + Llew O
 Old Country Rock  Tommy Johnson  Andrew Knight
Travelling Riverside Blues Robert Johnson Dave King
Taxman Tony Eastwood Tony Eastwood
Manoir de mes Reves Django Reinhardt Neil Browning
Minor Swing '' arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC + ACGG Django Jazz

MARCH 2018 

 Romance No1 de la Biche  F Kleynjans  Mandy B + Llew O
 Alegrias  Juan Martin  Paul R
 Seviallana  ''  ''
 Soleares  ''  ''
 Romance Anon   Jane S
 Koyumbaba  Carlo Domeniconi  Louey
 Rise Up  Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Train Blues  Anon  Dave K
 Come Down Jehova  Chris Woods  '' 
Micro Django Reinhardt (arr Neil Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 


Lute Lesson Anon David ZB +Geoff T
 2 Parts Invention No 6  Bach  ''
 Suo Gan  Welsh Folk (arr Stephen Goss)   Mandy B + Llew O
 Garreg Wen  ''  ''
 Scarborough Fair  Trad English (arr Chris Hanks)  Chris Hanks
 The Stripper  David Rose  Dave King
 Lead Hearted Blues  'Blind' Arthur Blake  ''
May You Ever John Martin Neil Browning
Micro Django Reinhardt (arr Neil Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


 Candyman  G Davis  Dave King
 Evil Woman Blues  B K Turner  ''
 Rhyd y Cae  Trad  Andrew Knight
 Jig y Ffidlwr  Trad  ''
 Sleep Soon  Chris Hanks  Chris Hanks
 Until The Final Redemption  Chris Hanks  ''
 All My Friends Are Gone  G Davis  Mike Owen
 Hey Hey  W Broonzy  ''
 Green Onion Riff  arr Neil Browning  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

NWGC/CGGC 12th Anniversary Concert in aid of Hergest Ward, Ysbyty Gwynedd

C NWGC/CGGC Ensemble Carol of The Bells Mykola Leontovych
JAZZ NWGC/CGGC Jazz Ensemble Autumn Leaves Joseph Kosma (arr Tony Holt)
FS Tony Holt Bianco Fiore Cesare Negri
C Chris L + Nigel S Opus 34 No 1 Carulli
S/R Dave King Slide Guitar  
C Zac Blow Danza Brasilera Jorge Morel
F  Paul Rogers  Solea  Juan Martin
FS  Andrew Knight  3 Trad Welsh  Trad
C  Geoff Tomlinson  Allemande + Bouree  J S Bach
GJ  Neil + Meg Browning + Dylan Baines    Django Reinhardt
 C  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble  Walking in the Air  Howard Blake (arr V L Clark)
 Jazz  NWGC/CGGGC Jazz  Satin Doll  Duke Ellington
 FS  Paul Rogers  Summers Over  Paul Rogers
 C  Delmi Battersby  Coeur de la Rose  Gerald Garcia
 C  Delmi Battersby  Omaggio a Mangore  Leo Brouwer
 C  Tony Holt  Gavotte No 2  J S Bach
 S/R  Dave King  Slide Guitar  
Ukulele   Mandy Baines  Have Yourself A Merry . . .   arr M Baines
 F  Jane Sinnett  La Feria  Juan Martin
 GJ  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam  Ding Dong Merrily  . . .   arr Neil Browning


Prelude No 22 J S Bach NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Study No 11 Leo Brouwer Delmi B
Shadow Of The Moon Vincent Lindsey Clark Alan D
Vestapol Trad Dave K
Mama T'ain't Long Fo' Day Willie McTell ''
Jeanie Chris Hanks Chris H
''Rain'' Steve Davies Steve D
I Will Survive Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris (arr Steve Davies) ''
Ding Dong  . . . arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


 Prelude No 22  J S Bach  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Chorus No 1  Villa- Lobos  Zac
 Etude 1+2  Gerald Garcia  Delmi B
 Destress  Chris Hanks  Chris H
Princess Royale Trad Eng. Andrew K
Old Mole '' ''
 Come On In My Kitchen  Robert Johnson  ''
Bohemian Rhapsody (1/3 of!) Queen (arr E Cruz) Jane S
 Sweet Sue  Victor Young Meg B, Neil B + Stewart R 
 All Of Me  Gershwin  ''
 Lambeth Walk  Furber, Rose + Gay arr Neil Browning  NWGC/CGGC Gypsy Jazz


 Julia Florida  A Barrios  John Fisher
 Milonga  J Cardosa (arr Mandy Baines)  Mandy B + Llew O
 Stairway to Heaven  Led Zeppelin  Alex H
 Is There Light . . Chris Hanks    Chris H
Lagrima    Tarrega Delmi B 
Windy + Warm   J Laudermilk  Dave K
 Angie  Davey Graham  ''
Deuce Ambience  Django Reinhardt   Neil + Meg Browning


 Gigue  Weiss  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble (and Chris Roberts)
 Prelude to Suo Gan  Chris Roberts  Chris Roberts
 Suo Gan Variations  Gerard Cousins  ''
 Avishai  Sonlle Meinen  ''
 The Swan  McKay (arr Mandy Baines)  Mandy B +Llew O
 Mississippi Blues  Willie Brown  Dave King
 One Kind Favour (Slide)  Blind Lemon Jefferson '' 
 Theme from Game of Thrones  arr Steve Davie  Steve Davies
Opus 60 No 25 Carcassi Alex Higgins
Boston Tom Shaltz ''
12 Bar Blues  lead by DAVE KING NWGC/CGGC Blues Jam

JULY 2017 

 The Citrus Suite    NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Nivram  Hank Marvin and The Shadows  NWGC/CGGC Tony's Jazz
 Dance On  Shadows  David St G + Tony H
 Kontiki  ''  ''
 I'll See You In My Dreams  Isham Jones  Neil B, Stuart R, Aly
 Lead Hearted Blues  Blind Blake + Bertha Henderson  Dave King
 Sitting On Top Of The World    Dave K (on his cigar box)
 Sunny Afternoon  The Kinks  Paul Rogers
   Van Halen  ''
 Not Allowed To Shine  Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Studies 3, 19 and 25  Carcassi  Alex Higgins
 Nocturne Opus 37  Alhoyer  David St G + Ian W
King Of The Swingers arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam
Apache Shadows (lead by Neil B) NWGC/CGGC Jam

JUNE 2017

Gigue Weiss NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Passacaglia Weiss Mandy B + Llew O
'Rag-picking' ?Richard Soslow Alex H
Never On A Sunday Manos Hatzidakis David St G + Tony H
Surfing Trad ''
Un Dia de Noviembre  Leo Brouwer Alan Duckworth
Don't Ever Change Steve Phillips Dave K
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams ''
Guitar Concerto in D Vivaldi David St G + Ian W
La Playa Jo Vetta ''
Prelude No 1 Villa Lobos Ian W
Get Happy Harold Arlen NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MAY 2017

 Satin Doll  Duke Ellington  NWGC/CGGC Jazz Group
 Just The Way You Look Tonight  Jerome Kern  ''
 IF  Chris Hanks  Chris Hanks
 Weeping Willow Blues  Blind Boy Fuller  Dave King
 Hell Hound On My Trail  Robert Johnson  ''
 6 Bagatelles Op 43  F Sor  Alex Higgins
                      No 3+4  ''  ''
Mazurka  ''  ''
Dad - Bach Bach  Jane Sinnett  Jane Sinnett
Get Happy  Harold Arlen  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

APRIL 2017

Shine on you Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd Alex Higgins
You're So Vain Carly Simon ''
Blusette Toots Thielman David StG+Ian W
La Mer Charles Trenet ''
The Old Castle Mussorgsky Ian Waters
k 208 Scarlatti Mandy B + Llew O
Inisheer Thomas Walsh  arr Mandy Baines ''
Cigarette Blues Bo Carter Dave King
Come Down Jehovah Chris Woods ''
Happy Birthday Patty + Mildred Hill :-) lead by Mandy Baines NWGC/CGGC Jam for Alex

MARCH 2017

Abigail's Song Murray Gold (arrMandy Baines) Mandy B +Llew O
Waltz No 3 Opus 8 Barrios Alex Higgins
Vincent Don McLean ''
Sur le ciel de Paris Hubert Giraud David St G +Ian W
La Vie en Rose Edith Piaf ''
Smart Serenade Chris Hanks Chris H
Travelling Riverside Blues Dave King Dave K
Rondo No 3 Opus 90 Carulli Marianne J +Neil B
Norwegisn Wood John Lennon (arr Neil Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


 Summer Waltz  P Van de Staark  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Improvisation    Nancy Downing
 Oblivion  Astor Piazzola  Mandy B + Llew O
 La Foule + Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)  Angel Cabral/J Komsa David St G +Ian Waters
 Bohemian Rhapsody (1st Half)  F Mercury (arr E Cruz)  Jane S
 Alcazar de Segovia (Llamada - from Volume 1 Castles of Spain  Frederico Moreno Torroba  Alan D
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life  Stevie Wonder (arr Neil Browning)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


 2 Bourree's  J S Bach  David St G + Ian Waters
 The Lute Number  The Shadows  ''
 Lesson For Two Lutes  Anon  Geoff T+ David zb
 Pavan  William Byrd  
 Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Ukulele-Classical arr)  Leo Friedman  Mandy Baines
 Saturday Night Shuffle  Merle Travis  Dave King
 Tennessee Waltz Pee Wee King  ''
 Boogie Man    Paul Rogers
 O Sole Mio  Eduardo di Capua  Steve Davies
Careless Whisper George Michael(arr Neil Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

In aid of The Sue Owen Fund- Ysbyty Gwynedd
C- Classical  FS- Fingerstyle  F-Flamenco GJ Gypsy Jazz J -Jazz P- Popular

C  Carol Of The Bells  Mykola Leontovych  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
C  Walking In The Air  Howard Blake  ''
C  Landler  Eduard Bayer  Marianne Jones + Neil Browning
C  3 Dances Branle d'Ecosse, Pavanne, Les Bouffons  Thoinot Arbeau  Joanna Melville-Richards
C  Fantasy No.73  John Downland  Alan Duckworth
C 3 Pieces for Tertz Guitar + Guitar (Allemande,Romance, Waltzer)  Joseph Kuffner  Ian Waters + Alan Duckworth
FS  Until The Final Redemption  Chris Hanks  Chris Hanks
F  Alegrias en mi  Juan Martin Paul Rogers
J  Dance On  Ray Adams/Elaine +Val Murtagh  Tony Holt+David St G
J  Apache  Jerry Lordan  ''
P  Indifference  Colombo/Morena  Tony Holt
           RAFFLE     BREAK   AND   CAKE    
J  Blue Bossa  Kenny Dorham  Tony Holt + Jazz Ensemble
J  Bossa Dorado  Dorado Schmidt  ''
C  Agua y Vino  Egberto Gismonti  Mandy Baines + Llew Owen
C  Oblivion Aston Piazzola  ''
GJ  Hungaria  Django Reinhardt  Neil+ Meg Browning+ Dylan Baines
S  Cincinatti Flow Rag/ Baton Rouge Rag  Rev Gary Davis/ Louisiana Joe Harris  Dave King
S  Laughing Rag  Dave King  Dave King
GJ Ding Dong Merrily On High Trad French arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Gypsy Jazz
GJ Jingle Bells J S Pierpont arr Neil Browning ''


Long Time Dead In The Ground Dave King Dave King
Police Dog Blues Blind Blake ''
Freestyling Nick Powlesland Petula Watson
Improvisation in A Minor David StGeorge and Steve Davies David StG +Steve D
Theme for Young Lovers Bruce Welch  ''
Inisheer T Walsh Mandy B +Llew O
Farewell To Stromness Peter Maxwell Davies  ''
Minor Swing  Django Reinhardt (arr Neil Browning)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


Alegrias Juan Martin Steve Davies
'Variety of Compas' Juan Martin+ Steve Davies ''
Oriental E Granados Mandy +Llew
Guitar Tango Liferman /Maine David St G + Steve
Farruca Juan Martin Paul Rogers
Spanish Fly Vanhalen ''
The Final Redemption Chris Hanks Chris Hanks
Buen Viaje Amigos :-) Chris Hanks ''
Windy And Warm John Loudermilk Dave King
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams ''
Study No 9 Leo Brouwer Delmi Battersby
Opus 44 No 15 F Sor Neil Browning
Fountain Darragh O Neill Jane Sinnett
Bohemian Rhapsody (part of) Queen ''
Viva Espana   David St G + Neil B
Micro Django Django Reinhardt NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


Study in B Minor F Sor Dewi D
Romance Anon ''
Ain't Misbehavin' Fats Waller Alex H
Berkeley Square Manning Sherwin ''
What You Like At The Menai Alex Higgins ''
Metsakukkia Finish Trad David St G + Ian W
Reviendra tu? Barbara Dis ''
Air Study 10 Pergolesi Ian W
Train Blues Anon Dave K
Sun Shines All Day Long Dave King ''
Struggling Sunsets Chris Hanks Chris H
Bossa Dorada Dorrada Schmitt David St G +Tony H
Blue Bossa Kenny Dorham ''
La Playa Claude Clari David StG+ Barry H
''Untitled'' Jane Sinnett Jane S
Things We Said Today Lennon/McCartney NWGC/CGGC Jam

JULY 2016

La Foule Angel Cabral David St G + Ian W
Autumn Leaves Kosma ''
Love Is Losing Game Amy Winehouse Paul R
The Rain Song Led Zepplin ''
Inisheei Tomas Walsh Mandy B + Llew O
Opus 6 No 12 F. Sor Alex H
Opus 38 No 12 Coste ''
Opus 60 No 12 Coste ''
Hell Hound On My Trail Robert Johnson Dave K
Spanish Waltz Trad ''
Lament for The Mourn Chris Hanks Chris H
From A Bird John Williams Barry H
Manoir de mes Reves Django Reinhardt Neil +Meg Browning
5 Foot 2 Eyes Of Blue Art Landry (arr N Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

JUNE 2016

Woodland Flower/Metsakukkia Finish Folk Song David St G and Ian W
This Heart Has Bled An Ocean C. Hanks Chris Hanks
Abigails Song (Theme from Dr Who) Murray Gold(arr Mandy Baines) Mandy and Llew
Opus 48 No 6 Fernando Sor Alex H
Bohemian Rhapsody  Queen (arr Edgar Cruz)  ''
   Paco de Lucia  Paul Rogers
 Alegrias  Juan Martin  ''
 Brother Can You Spare A Dime  Al Jolson  DaveKing
 Paris Texas  Ry Cooder  ''
 Heart and Soul  Hoagy Carmichael  Dave St G + Tony Holt
 Dark Eyes  Russian Folk Song  ''
 Bye n bye I'm Gonna SeeThe King  Willie Johnson  Peter Howlett (Ukulele)
 ''One Day In August''  P Howlett + Tommy  Pete H +Tommy (Ukulele)
   Lullaby  Tommy (Ukulee)
 Get Happy  Harold Arlen (arr Neil Browning)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MAY 2016

Agua Y Vinho Egberto Gismonti Mandy and Llew
Scarborough Fair English Trad Marianne and Neil
Lesson for 2 Lutes J Dowland David St G and Ian W
Toy for 2 Lutes Thomas Robinson ''
March OfThe Drones Chris Hanks Chris H
Saturday Night Shuffle Big Bill Broonzy Dave K
Birds Flew Over The Spire Gary Ryan Jane S
  arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

APRIL 2016

 One Day In August (Ukulele)  Peter H and Tommy  Peter H and Tommy
 No Woman No Cry Vincent Ford (Bob Marley)  Tommy
 Dance On Shadows  Tony H + David St G
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon  Shalom Secundo  ''
In My Life  Lennon + McCartney  ''
 Still Left Alone To Wonder  Chris Hanks Chris H
 Canon in D (Ragtime)  Pachelbel  Dave K
You're A Long Time Dead In The Ground  Dave King  ''
 Study No 6 'Spiders Afternoon'  Gerald Garcia  Delmi B
Study Aguado Alex H
Opus 60 No 19 Carcassi ''
Hotel California Eagles ''
    NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MARCH, 2016

 Slick Trick  Peter Van Der Staart  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 El Noi de la Mare  Catalan Folk Song Joanna +Neil B
 Can She Forgive Me My Wrongs J Dowland  ''
 Clara's Theme  Murray Gold (arr Mandy Baines) Llew O + Mandy B
 Sweet Reveries  Tchaikovsky Elin + Neil B
 Aura Lea, Plaisir d'Amour, O Sole Mio, Torra a Sorriento, Miss I Denn  selection of Elvis Presley Songs Ian W +Davd St George
Travelling Riverside Blues R Johnson  Dave King
Parisienne Walkway  Gary Moore (arr Paul Rogers)  Paul R
Seviallana  Juan Martin  ''
Albatross Peter Green David St G + Tony
Blakes Dream   Peter Howlett
Scarborough Fair Trad Tom (ukulele)
Daisy Chains, Butterflies and a Tent For The Rain Chris Hanks Chris H
Opus 4 No 1 + Opus 9 No 4 Mertz Alex H
Opus 12 No 1 Giuliani ''
?Method No 3 Coste ''
Opus 60 No 3 Carcassi ''
Minor Swing D Reinhardt (arr Neil Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


Slick Trick Peter Van Der Staart NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Bercuese Faure Mandy + Llew
This Man Chris Hanks Chris H
Hotel California Eagles Steve D + David St G
Nantucket Sleigh Ride Mountain Paul R
Granadinas Michael Roscoe Michael R
Windy and Warm J D Loudermilk Dave K
Laughing Rag Dave King ''
Comme D'Habitude(My Way) Claude Francois Ian W + David St G
    Neil B, Meg B, Andy MacKenzie
Nuages Django Reinhardt  ''   ''   ''
12 Bar Blues lead by Dave King NWGC/CGGC Jam


'Autumn . . .     Tom (on ukulele)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps George Harrison ''
Adelita Tarrega Alex H
Opus 11 No 6 Sor ''
Opus No 59 ? Carcassi ''
Andante in C (Tales of the River Bank) Giuliani ''
May You Never John Martin Neil B
I'm So Lonely I Could Cry Hank Williams Dave K
Romance Bertoli Jane S
Danny Boy Irish Trad arr. N Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


Carol Of The Bells M Leontovych NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
The Snowman Howard Blake arr A Forrest ''
Diamond Dust Colin Tommis Colin T + Mandy B
Spin Drift Colin Tommis ''
Tears In Heaven E Clapton arr Mandy Baines Mandy B +Llew O
Invention No 1 J S Bach ''
3 Waltz's, Allemande,Romance, Waltz Joseph Kuffner David St G+Ian W
Minuet Handel Geoff T + Rachael R
Andante Tellemann ''
Cor Covada Jobim Delmi B
Taking A Chance On Love Latouche, Fetter +Vernon ''
Flamenco piece   Paul R
Granadinas Juan Martin ''
Dancing Queen Andersson +Ulvaeus Alex H
Girl With No Name ? Alex Higgins ''
Whispers In My Head Chris Hanks C Hanks
Ding Dong Merrily On High T Arbeau arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


C Apache Jerry Lordan NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Jazz Girl From Ipanaema Carlos Jobim  Jazz Ensemble
C The Entertainer Scott Joblin Marianne J + Neil B
C Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton (arr M, Baines) Mandy B + Llew O
S  Goodbye Walker Percy Brooks Williams Dave King
FS  Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen Neil B + Paul R
C  Minuet JS Bach Geogg T +Rachael R
C Gigue G Handel ''
FS Besame Mucho C Velasques David St G +Tony H
FS Theme From Third Man A Karas ''
GJ Limehouse Blues D Reinhardt Neil B, Meg B + Dylan B
C Habanera G Bizet NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Jazz All Of Me Simons+ Marks Jazz Ensemble
C Allemande + Bouree J S Bach Geoff T
FS Princess Royal,The Old Mole,All Of A Row English Trad Andrew K
C Danza Paraguaya A Barrios Mandy +Llew
F Farruca Juan martin/Paul R Paul R 
C Waltz No 1  Arthur Verocai Tim Panting
C Here, There +Everywhere Lennon+McCartney Tony H
FS Redemption Chris Hanks Chris H
F La Feria  (part of) Juan Martin Jane S
GJ Minor Swing   D Reinhardt NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

C Classical FS Fingerstyle F Flamenco S/R Slide/Ragtime GJ Gypsy Jazz

Diamonds Jerry Lordan Tony H + David St G
Harry Lime from The Third Man Anton Karas ''                 ''
Duo Nocturne No 2 A Major Opus 37 A De Hoyer Ian W + David St G
Sunny Afternoon Ray Davies (Kinks) Paul R
My Brother Jake Paul Roger +Andy Frazer ''
Happy Birthday Patty and Mildred Hill Neil B and Ensemble
Sweet Sue Victor Young Neil B
Hall Of The Mountain King E Greig Chris H
Redemption Chris Hanks ''
Brigid Cruise O' Carollan Mandy B +Llew O
Kitty Mc Guiness O ' Carollan ''                ''
Saturday Night Shuffle Big Bill Broonzy Dave K
You're A Long Time Dead In The Ground Dave King ''

Eleanor Plunkett  O Carolan arr. M Baines  Mandy B + Llew O
Danza Paraguaya  Barrios  ''                  ''
Girl From Ipanaema  Carlos Jobim  David St G + Tony H
All Of Me  Stephens + Gad  ''                     ''
Felicity Rag  Scott Joplin Marianne J + Neil B
Barden Jazz Suite  Jiri Jirmal  Alex H
Candy Man Blues  Hurt + Gary Davies  Dave K
Hell Hound On My Trail  R obert Johnson  ''
 Lambeth Walk  Noel Gay - arr. Neil Browning  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

 Andante  Wolff Lauffensteiner  Mandy + Llew
 Step Inside Love  Lennon + Mc Cartney  ''
 Another Story Another Time Another Place  Arlie Duff  Dave K
 Dark Was The Night + Cold Was The Ground  Willie Johnston  ''
 Dawn Breaks Slowly But The Night Falls fast Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Torija  Toroba  Barry H
 Tears In The Rain (classical version) Joe Satriani  Alex H
 Nothing Else Matters (classical)  Hetfield + Hamett  ''
 Mr Sandman  Pat Ballard  David St G + Barry H
 Djangology  Django Reinhardt  Andy McK, Chas, Neil B
 Oh, Lady Be Good  ''  ''
 Things We Said Today  Lennon + McCartney  ''

JULY 2015
 Nobuo Ue Matsu  Setuki Da Ne  Chris H
 Fragile  Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Bouree in A Major J S Bach David St G + Ian W
 Bouree in E Minor  ''  ''
 Paris Texas  Ry Cooder  Dave K
 Living With The Blues  Tyler Farr  ''
 Scarborough Fair  Eng. Trad. arr P. Rogers  Paul R
 What Is And What Should Never Be  Led Zeppelin .arr P. Rogers  ''
Danza Espanole No 5 -  Oriental  Granados  Mandy + Llew
 Bridgette Cruise  O' Carolan  ''
 Prelude No 4  Villa-Lobos  Delmi B
 Study No 5  Gerald Garcia  ''
 Unknown :-)  Unknown :-) but has been performed by Saron Shannon Neil and Meg Browning
 Anon  Romance  Jane S
All Of Me J Legend arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

JUNE 2015
Julia Florida A Barrios John Fisher (Caerphilly)
Opus 40 F Sor Alex Higgins (not the snooker player)
Sarabande Bach Geoff T
Blackberry Blossom Ben Clark David St G + Tony H
Thingy Ma Jig Welsh, Marvin, Bennett ''
Police Dog Blues Blind Arthur Blake Dave King
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams ''
Valentine Robin Pearson Delmi
Ain't Misbehavin' Harry Brooks ''
''Ethel'' Renaissance Dance   Meg and Neil Browning
Nuage Django Reinhardt Andy MacKenzie and Neil B
Andantino Op 60 No 3 Carcassi Dewi
Manoir Des Mes Reves Django Reinhardt NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MAY 2015
 Sous le Ciel de Paris  Hubert Giraud David St G + Ian W
Padam Padam  Glanzburg + Contet              ''     
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn Trad arr. M Baines Elidir (Mandy B + Llew O)
Danza Paraguaya A Barrios               ''
Themes and Variations Of The Magic Flute Carcassi Barry H
Simple Studies No 2(Hommage to Barrios) Leo Brower Delmi B
Study on Afro Cuban Rhythms '' ''
Simple Studies No 4 Gerald Garcia ''
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Alex H
Swing 42  Django Reinhardt David St G + Tony H
Bei Mir Bistu Shein  Jacobs + Secunda        ''              ''  
Come Down Jehovah   Dave K
Summer is a coming ? W de Wycombe Neil B
Minor Swing Django Reinhardt Arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

APRIL 2015
 Orange Squash    NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Lisa Lan Trad  Elidir (Mandy + Llew)
The Swan  C McKay (arr Mandy Baines)  ''
Lagrima  F Tarrega  Dewi D
Mama Tain't Long Till Day Willie McTell  Dave K
Travelling Riverside Blues    ''
Manoir De Mes Reves  Django Reinhardt  Neil Browning
Newborough  Paul Rogers  Paul Rogers
Cavatina  S Myers  Alex H
Capricho Arabe (1st half)  Tarrega  Jane S
 Dark Eyes  D Reinhardt (Arr  N Browning)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MARCH 2015
Lemon Tango   NWGC Ensemble (9)
Chaconne 2 in 1 Purcell Mandy + Llew
Lafoule Angel Cabral David St G + Ian W
Redemption (E flat minor 7th) Chris Hanks Chris H
Mordaith i America Trad Mandy + Llew
Andante Lauphenstein ''
Hunt The Squirrel Trad Meg + Neil
Come On In My Kitchen R Johnson Dave K
Mississippi Blues Willie Brown ''
We Are The Champions F Mercury arr. Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

Blue Moon Lorenz Hart + Richard Rogers (arr ?) Geoff T
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Duke Elligton ''
Ruperts March   Marianne J + Neil B
''Allegro'' Carulli David St G and Ian W
  '' ''
Nocturne Antoine Lhoyer ''
Aragon Albeniz Barry H
Andante Aguedo ''
Moonlight Serenade Glenn Miller (arr Paul Rogers) Paul R
Kind Hearted Woman Blues Robert Johnson Dave K
Laughing Rag   ''
Coquette Lead by Neil Browning solo Paul R. NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

Waltz  Shostakovich  David St G + Ian W
Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)  Joseph Kosma  ''
Prelude ?  J S Bach  Ian W
Sylvia  Hocus Pocus Paul  R
Wild Mountain Thyme Trad arr. Mandy  Mandy B + Llew O
Weiss  Passacaglia ''
Studies 3 + 1  Gerlad Garcia Delmi
Hell Hounds On My Trail R Johnson  Mike O
 Good Bye Percy Walker  Brookes Williams  ''
Yesterday Lennon/ Mc Cartney Jane S
Drummer Boy Sam McGhee Dave King
Travelling River Side Blues   ''
    NWGC Django Jam

 Bossa Dorado  Schmitt  David St G + Tony H
 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon  Shalom Secunda  ''
 Redemption  Chris Hanks  Chris H
 Come Down Jehovah Chris Wood  Dave K
Dark Was The Night And Cold Was The Ground  Willie Johnson  ''
 Study No 7 M Carcassi  Delmi
 Study No 1  Leo Brouwer  ''
Pavanne No 2  Gerald Garcia  ''
 Bach Bach  Jane Sinnett  Jane S
Sons De Carrilhoes Pernambuco ''
Jingle Bells J Pierpont NWGC/CGGC Django Jam
C Ensemble Fix You (arr C Tommis) Coldplay
C Mandy +Llew Passacaglia (arr M Baines) Weiss
Dave King Slide or Blues  
C Werner Spill Maria Tarrega
FS Paul Rogers Moonlight Serenade + Maria G. Miller + Focus
C Ian Waters Pavanas and Canarios Gasper Sanz
C Geoff Tomlinson Three Dowland Pieces J Dowland
FS Tony Holt Beaumont Rag  
C Delmi Battersby A Day In November Leo Brouwer
C Neil + Marriane Sonatina Carulli
GJ Neil, Meg + Stewart Danse Norvegienne+Douce Ambience D Reinhardt
        INTERVAL                      INTERVAL    INTERVAL
C Ensemble Pavanne Faure
GJ Gypsy Jazz Group Sweet Georgia Brown Bernie + Pinkard
C Delmi Battersby EL Negrito+La Gatica A Lauro
FS Andrew Knight Three Welsh Tunes Trad
C Mandy + Llew Ground (arr Schmidt) Purcell
FS Stewart Rowles The Man I Love D Reinhardt
C Tony Holt Valse Des Niglos + Mexico Trad + Ventures
S/R Dave King Slide or Blues  
FS Chris Hanks As August Died In My Arms C Hanks
C Kerry S + Petula W My Favourite Things Richard Rogers
F Jane Sinnett La Feria Juan Martin
GJ Django Jam Minor Swing D Reinhardt

Lesson for 2 Lutes J. Dowland David St G + Ian W
Toy For 2 Lutes T Robinson     ''                ''
Opus 6 No 11 F Sor Ian W
Land O Sleepeth J Dowland Geoff T
Fortune Chris Hanks Chris H
Seven After Dusk       ''     ''
Sentidos 6 -10 Leo Brouwer Delmi B
Whirling Dervish Marseilles Dardi Dave K
You're A Long Time Dead In The Ground Dave King      ''
The Mysterious Baracades Couperin Mandy B + Llew O
Adagio J S Bach      ''             ''
Souvenir D'Alvito (Guitar and Mandolin) Trad Italian arr D Cotton Tony H + David St G
Vals De Niglos (Waltz of The Hedgehogs) Trad      ''             ''
Romance Anon Michael R
Tremolo Study Michael Roscoe Michael R
Fragile Sting arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC JAM

Nocturne No.2  Carulli  Drew  Steele + Geoff T
Ashokan Farewell  Jay Unger  David St G + Tony H (mandolin)
Nao Me Toques  Zequina Toques  ''                      ''
One Hotel Too Many  Chris Hanks  Chris H
Clavelitos  Valverde arr. Llobet  Delmi B
Preludio  Weiss  ''
Farewell To Stromness  Peter Maxwell Davies
(arr Mandy Baines)
 Mandy B + Llew O
Deryn Pur Trad Welsh  ''                ''
Candy Man Rev Gary Davies  Dave King
Come On In My Kitchen Robert Johnson  '' (Slide Guitar)
Nocturne No 2 Opus 37 A de L Hoyer  David St G + Ian W
Hymne a L'Amour M Monnot  ''                     ''
All My Friends Have Gone Rev Gary Davies  Mike O
Swingy Blue  Marcel Dadi  Mike O
It Had To Be You    Neil + Meg B + Stewart R + Paul K
Minor Swing Django Reinhardt NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

Studies 1-5 Estudios Sencillos Leo Brower Delmi B
Pavanne W Byrd David St G + Ian W
Allegro Carulli        ''              ''
Mon Amant de Saint Jean E Carrara        ''              ''
Study Opus 6 No 12 F Sor Ian W
Hurt C Hanks Chris Hanks
Tremolo Study (Flamenco) M Roscoe Michael Roscoe
Farruca Juan Martin/ Roscoe       ''
Taranta ''       ''
Ain't Misbehavin' Fats Waller + Harry Brooks Dave King
Tennesse Waltz Trad      ''
12 Bar Blues arr Dave King NWGC/CGGC Jam

JULY 2014
Humouresque   Neil B + Marianne J
Enid   ''
To Know Him Is To Love Him P Spector David St G + Tony H
Kon Tiki M Carr ''
Dance On Mutagh + Adams ''
I Can't Give You Anything But Love   Stewart R, Neil B, Paul K
Minor Blues Django ''
Laughing Rag D King Dave K
Travelling Riverside Blues R Johnson ''
Angie D Graham Mike O
This Man C Hanks Chris H
Untitled J Sinnett Jane S
La Feria J Martin ''
Manoir des mes Reves  Django Reinhardt NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

JUNE 2014
Joropo  Andrew Forrest  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Julia Florida  A. Barrios  John Fisher
La Vie En Rose  Lourguy  Ian W + David St G
Les Coupains d'Abard  G Brassens  ''         ''
Foot Tapper  Hank Marvin  Tony H + David St G
Mexico Ventures Trad/ Mariachi  ''            ''
The Longest Day Maurice Jar  ''            ''
I Need Your Love So Bad  Peter Green  Paul R
The Enchantress C Hanks Chris H
Just Call On Me C Hanks  ''
Study Op. 6 No 9 F. Sor  Ian W
Misssippi Blues Willie Johnson  Dave K
Dark was The Night . .  Willie Johnson  ''
6 Variations on Folies D Espagne Giuliani  Barry H
 Manoir De Mes Reves D Reinhardt/ Arr N Browning  NWGC/ CGGC Django Jam

MAY 2014

Fix You  Coldplay arr. Colin Tommis  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Autumn Leaves  Joseph Kosma  David St G + Ian W
 La Mer  Charles Trenet  
 Grand Old Man  Colin Tommis  Colin T
 Er Mai Cwbi Groes I Natur Welsh Trad. arr. Mandy Baines  Mandy B. + Llew O
 Ground  Purcell  ''
 Police Dog Blues  Arthur Blake  Dave K
 Mama 'T Ain't Long Fo' Day  Willie Mc Tell  ''
 Dawn At Ynys Goch    Jane S
 Pulsar    ''
 Ja Da  Bob Carleton arragments by Joe Harris and Neil Browning  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

APRIL 2014
Summer Is A Coming In   Neil B (with echo)
Melody Schumann Neil B + Marianne J
Mrs Winters Jump John Dowland ''
Er Mai Cwbl Groes I Nature (A Shepherds Tune) Welsh Trad Mandy B + Llew O
Ground Purcell ''
You Got To Move (Slide) Fred Mc Dowell Mike Owen
Travelling Riverside Blues Robert Johnson ''
Waltz Of The Hedgehog French Trad David St G +Tony H
Samba Pa Ti Carlos Santana ''
Lambeth walk arr. Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MARCH 2014

            TITLE          COMPOSER          PERFORMER
Sea Journey To America  Trad (arr. M Baines)  Elidir
Invention No 1   J S Bach  ''
Canarios  Kapsburger  Barry Heppenstall
Bluesette  Thielmans/Gimbel   David St G + Ian Waters
Scarboriugh Fair  Trad  Paul Rogers
Guiatarras de Lucia    ''
Go Insane  Lindsey Buckingham  Chris Hanks
Geronimo  Hank Marvin   David St G + Tony Holt 
Pavane Faure Neil Browning + Jane Sinnett
The Breeze and I   Lecuona   ''
Weeping Willow  Mel Travis   Mike Owen
Windy and Warm  Loudermilk   ''
Can You Spare A Dime Gorney Dave King
Because Lennon / Mc Cartney Tony Holt
Cavatina Stanley Myers Jane Sinnett
Any Umberella arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

FEBRUARY 2014  ''An Evening Of Guitar With NWGC/CGGC''
                   TITLE    COMPOSER             PERFORMER
Palladio                 K Jenkins  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Apache                  J Lordan  David St G + Tony 
Guitar Tango           ''
Sp. Dance No. 5        Granados Ian Waters 
Etude in A Major         Carcassi  David Thomas
Milonga                    J Cardoso  Elidir
Little Wing                 J Hendrix   Paul Rogers
Waiting For A Title :-)    S. Rowles  Stewart Rowles
La Rossignol                Anon  David St G +Ian
All My Friends Are Gone Rev G Davies  Dave King 
I'm So Lonesome I could Die H Williams  ''
Prelude No  3 H Villa Lobos  Delmi 
Opus 20 D Qualey  Colin Tommis 
 Y Dydd + Doed a Ddel Welsh Trad  Neil + Meg Browning 
                 INTERVAL     INTERVAL          INTERVAL
Joropo A Forrest   NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Quem Sabe  Carlos Sabe  Chris L + Nigel S
Coquette Green, Kahn, Lombardo   Neil B + Stewart R
 Bulerias + Granadinas J Martin/ M Roscoe   Michael Roscoe
Summertime G Gershwin Alan Duckworth
Petit Fleur S Bechet ''
Chaconne Weiss Elidir
Come On Down Jehovah C Wood Dave King
Streets Of London R Mc Tell Paul + Heidi
Romance Anon Jane Sinnett
Dark Eyes Trad NWGC/CGGC + Friends!

 Palladio  Karl Jenkins (arr. S J Nixon)  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
 Joropo  Andrew Forrest  ''
'Waltz No 2' Suite No 2  Demetri Shostakovich  Ian W + David St G
 Spanish Dance No 2  E Granados  Elidir (Mandy + Llew)
 Frog Galliarde  J Dowland  ''
Polka -  Rhyd Y Cae   Welsh Trad  Andrew Knight
Polka -  Jig Yr Fidlwr  ''  ''
 Dance On Murtagh + Adams  David St G + Tony
 Wonderful Land  Shadows- J Lorden  ''
 Dream Dream Dream  Boudleaux Bryant (Everly Brothers)  ''
Woodstock     Paul Rogers
 Knowing Me Knowing You  B Andersson, B Ulvaeus, S Anderson  ''
 Romance  Anon  Michael Roscoe
 Evil Woman Blues  B K Turner  Dave King
Laughing Rag D. King ''
Rhisiart Annwyl Welsh Trad Neil +Meg Browning
Auld Lang Syne Robert Burns (arr. N Browning) NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

Walking In The Air Howard Blake arr. Vincent L Clarke  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Sound of Bells    ''
Sleepwalk  Santo + Johnny Farina David St G + Steve 
Milonga  Jorges Cardosa  Elidir
Cantata 156 Adagio  J S Bach  ''
Silent Night  Franz Gruber arr. Dave King ( on slide guitar)  Dave K
Great Dreams From Heaven  Joseph Spence  ''
Ligpop    Meg B + Neil B
Ding Dong Merrily On High  Anon  ''
Granadinas  arr. Michael Roscoe  Michael R
Soleares  ''  ''
Sons De Carrilhoes  Pernambuco  Jane S
Jingle Bells  James Pierpoint (1857)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

Muss I Den/Wooden Heart German Trad David St G+ Ian W
Queen Elizabeth Galliard J Dowland Ian W
Tennessee Waltz ?Pee Wee King Dave King
Norweigen Wood Lennon / McCartney Delmi B
Love Waltz Ulrik Neumann Jane S
Grimstock English Trad Meg + Neil B
Hole In The Wall '' ''
Minor Swing   NWGC/CGGC Django Jam





Lisa Lan (Gentle Lisa) Trad Welsh arr. M. Baines Elidir (Mandy + Llew)
Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais Lewis Hartsough arr. M Baines ''
Trick or Treat Paul Rogers Paul R
Granadinas Juan Martin ''
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out  Jimmy Cox Dave K
You're a Long Time Dead In The Ground  ? ANSWERS? ''
Dark Was The Night Cold was The Ground Blind Willie Nelson ''
Concerto De Aranjuez (beginning)  Joaquin Rodrigo Barry Heppenstall
Scarborough Fair Simon and Garfunkel Version Chris H
Vaghe Belleze Et B'onde Anon Delmi B
Se Lo M' Accoreo '' ''
Nowhere Man Lennon/ McCartney Jane S
Somewhere Over The Rainbow  Harold Arlen arr Neil Browning Neil B + Stewart R
Sweet Georgia Brown  Bernie and Pinkard ''
Dark Eyes  Evheniy Grebenka arr. Stewart Rowles NWGC/CGGC Django Jam


Polo Alfonso Montes Elidir (Mandy and Llew)
Milonga Tango G Cardosa ''
Study No 16 Dionisio Aguado Delmi
The Girl Next Door Martin + Blane ''
My Wales Vittorio Rossi Jane
Soleares Juan Martin ''
La Feria '' ''
    Dave King


Sea Voyage To America  Trad arr. M. Baines  Elidir (Llew O+ Mandy B)
Ciaconne  Weiss  ''
It Ain't Really (guitar strings in E+ B only)  C . Hanks  Chris H
Walk Don't Run  J. Walker  David St G + Barry H
Rain Song   Led Zepplin  Paul R
Blue Skies   D. King  Dave K
Statesboro Blues  W Mc. Tell   ''
Granada   I Albeniz  Steve G
Prelude in G Minor  Barrios  ''
Jazz Waltz  M. Houghton  '' 
Sweet Georgia Brown  Bernie + Pinkard  Stewart R +David St G
 I Wanna Be Like You arr N Browning lead by Steart Rowles+ David St George   NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

JULY 2013

 Cavatina  S Myers (arr Mandy Baines)  Elidir (Mand+Llew)
 Oriental  Granados  ''
Marthars Harbour   All About Eve (arr. Paul Rogers)  Paul R
Alegria   Juan Martin  ''
Oracion  A. Barrios  Barry H
Maxxise  ''   ''
Lute Number   Martyn Welsh Bennett Rastill David St G + Ian W
Mrs Nichols Allemande  Dowland  Ian W
Prelude No 4  Villa Lobos   ''
Prelude No 5 Villa Lobos   Jane S
Whirling Dervish     Dave K
Sunshine All Day Long     ''
4 and 20 Crossby Stills and Nash Chris H
Roscoe Rumba   Michael Roscoe  NWGC/CGGC Flamenco Jam

JUNE 2013

Rue Des Fosses Saint-Jaque  George Moustak David St G
April Come She May Paul Simon Chris H
to find out! Gassenhauer Barry H
Rumba Stepan Rak ''
Kayunbaba Domeniconi ''
Norwegian Wood (bouzouki) Lennon/McCartney   Neil B
Send Me To The Electric Chair   Bessie Smith  Dave K
Laughing Rag  Dave King   Dave K
Oriental (PART OF!!!)  Enrique Granados  Jane S 
Londonderry Air  - Danny Boy  unknown(arr Neil Browning)  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 

MAY 2013

English Suite (Cuckoo) John Duarte Kerry S 
White Queen Queen Paul R 
Crazy Little Thing   ''  ''
Na Maithe Mora (The Gentry) Trad Irish arr. Neil Browning Neil B 
Wild Mountain Thyme   Trad Scott arr. Mandy Baines Llew O + Mandy B 
The Masqued Balls  F. Couperin (arr A. Forrest)  ''
A Toy For Two Lutes Thomas Robinson Ian W + David St G
Llanberis Pass Welsh ?Trad  ''
Prelude No 3  H Villa-Lobos  Ian W 
Mississippi Blues Willy Brown Dave K 
Come Down Jehovah  Chris Woods   ''
Let It Be  Lennon / McCartney (arr Neil Browning NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 

APRIL 2013

Minor Swing Django Style Phil G + Stewart R
Supermario 3 (Gypsy Jazz Style)      ''               ''
I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby J. McHugh   ''               '
Bouree in E Minor Bach David St G + Ian W
Bouree in A Major Bach   ''                  ''
''A Major Duet'' Carulli    ''                '' 
Prelude No 2 Villa Lobos Ian W
St Peter's Blues  R Book Binder Mike
Blackbird Lennon/ McCartney ''
Seviallana Juan Martin Paul R
Alegria Juan Martin ''
Taranta   Michael R
You're A Long Time Dead In The Ground   Dave K
Police Dog Blues Blind Blake ''
'Slide In D Tune''  Jane Sinnett Jane S
Sons De Carillhoes Pernambuco ''
Lambeth Walk Noel Gay NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

MARCH 2013

Joropo  Andrew Forrest  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Eleanor Plunkett   T. O Carolan (arr Mandy) Llew + Mandy 
Si Baeg Si Mor   ''  ''
All Of Me (Django Style)   S.Simons+G Marks David St G. +Stewart 
Trad Gypsy Waltz  Trad. '' 
For Them All  Chris Hanks  Chris H 
Study No 3  Carcassi Kerry S  
Soleares (Flamenco) Michael  Roscoe Michael R 
Granadinas (Flamenco)  ''  ''
Prelude  John Duarte Alan D
I Can Be Your Loving Man   Dave King Dave K 
Blues in G  Dave King  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 


Gavotte  Peter Van Der Staak  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Sea Voyage To America Trad. arr. Mandy  Mandy + Llew
Farewell To Stromness   ''  ''
Ziggy Stardust   David Bowie  Paul G
Thank You   Led Zeppelin  ''
Good Bye Walker Percy     Dave K
Old Country Rock     Andrew K
Valentine Robin Pearson  David St. G 
Birds Flew Over The Spire   Gary Ryan Jane S 
We Are The Champions  Queen (arr. Neil Browning)   NWGC/CGGC Django Jam
 La Nochera  Trad. Argentina  Javier Rosado

January 2013

A Minor Aperetife (gd title!) Chris Hanks Chris H
Carillon J. Williams (Sky) arr. Mandy Baines Elidir (Mandy &Llew)
Frogg Galliard J. Dowland ''
Cavatina S. Myers Paul
Turkish Rondo Mozart ''
Bouree Bach David St. G & Ian W
Skaters Waltz F. Sor David St G
I Will If You Will
(there is a story behind this title!!!)
Dave King Dave King
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Harburg/Arlen arr.Almeida/Raven
(added bits by J.Sinnett)
Jane S
Prelude No. 5 (minus 8 bars!) Villa-Lobos Jane S
We Are The Champions Queen arr Neil Browning as Gypsy Jazz Style  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

December 2012
David St George and Stuart kicked the evening off in memory of
DAVE BRUBECK  (06/12/1920 - 05/12/2012)

Take Five Dave Brubeck David St. G + Stuart R 
Chaconne  Weiss  Elidir (Mandy B + Llew O) 
Invention No 13  Bach   ''
Zapateado  Juan Martin arr.  Paul R 
Alegrias in A  ''   ''
St James Infirmary Blues    Mike O
Hey Hey  Big Bill Broonzy  '' 
Ash Tuesday  Chris Hanks  Chris H 
    Neil B. (Lute) 
Mississippi Blues  Willy Brown   Dave K
Corina Corina  Old Trad Blues   ''       (Slide)
 Jingle Bells   NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 

November 2012

Quiet Night of Quiet Stars A. Jobim  Delmi
The Way We Were M. Hamlisch   ''
Alegria  J. Martin   Paul
Granadinas  J. Martin   ''
Soleares  Michael Roscoe Michael R. 
Lesson for Two Lutes  Dowland  David St. G + Ian W 
Duet in A Major  Carulli   ''
Dark Russian Song   Trad Russian  David St G + Stewart R
Laughing Rag   Dave King ? Mike O 
Frog Galliard  J. Dowland  Alan D 
A Dream     ''
 Summatina (pro. summertina)
(Summat In 'A'!!) : )
 Dave King  Dave K
 Great Dream From Heaven  J Spence  ''
Good Humoured And Fairly Tipsy
(arr N Browning
  Neil B 
 La Forza Del Destino 
 G Verdi
(arr Bridget Mermikedes)
 Jane S
 Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue   P Weinrich
(arr. David + Neil)
 NWGC/CGGC Django Jam

October 2012

 Study Ex. 9  Sor (complete studies)  Delmi
          Ex. 16                     ''  ''
Study No. 1                     ''  ''
Dance No. 5  Granados   Ian W
Cavatina  S. Myers (arr Mandy Baines)  Mandy B + Llew O 
The Swan  Scottish Folk              ''
Tico Tico  Zequinha de Abreu   Paul R
 Lute Demo    Neil B 
 Yesterday (ham n eggs) Lennon + McCartney   Jane S
 There's A Hell Hound On My Trail  Robert Johnson  Dave K
Twelve Bar Blues in A   Lead by Dave King. NWGC/CGGC Django Jam   Soloists Paul, Neil, Dave K.

September 2012

Sarabande - Suite No. 4  Weiss  Nigel S. + Chris L.
Gigue   ''  ''
Bouree - E minor  Bach Ian W. + David St. G 
             A Major  ''  
Prelude No. 1  Villa-Lobos Jane S
Rumba Paul + Ben   Paul R + Ben P
Flamenco piece Paco De Lucia style  Paul R
Hesitation Blues  Trad -style of Gary Davis  Dave K 
Vesta Pool  Trad 18th C.   ''
Things We Said Today Lennon / Mc Cartney  NWGC/CGGC Django Jam 

August 2012

Le Piccadilly Marche Satie  Nigel S + Chris L
Courante - Suite No. 16 De Visee             ''
Windy and Warm John Loudermilk  Mike Owen 
Llanberis Pass  Mike Raven  David St. G + Ian W 
La Rossignol  16th Century - Anon            ''
Troublant Bolero  Django Reinhardt  Andy MacK. + Phil G 
Un Dia De Noviembre  Leo Brouwer  Alan D 
No Regrets  Leon Redbone  Dave K 
Kind Hearted Woman  Robert Johnson    ''
Taranta  Juan Martin + Michael Michael R 
Soleares Juan Martin + Michael     '' 
Honeysuckle Rose  Thomas 'Fats' Waller (arr. Neil Browning)   NWGC/CGGC Django Jam
Things We Said Today  Lennon / Mc Cartney   Andy MacK + David St G.

July 2012

Israelian Air  Peter Van Der Staak NWGC/CGGC Ensemble 
Bibiche  Colin Tommis  Colin T
Opus 6 No. 12  F. Sor (ed. Segovia)  Ian W 
           No. 11  '' '' 
You're A Long Time Dead In The Ground  Dave King  Dave K 
The Travelling Riverside  Robert Johnson  Dave K 
Le Baracade Mysterios  Couprin  Elidir (Mandy & Llew) 
Hallelujah  Leonard Cohen(arr Mandy)   ''
Tangerine  Led Zeppelin  Paul R (steel string) 
Ghost Train  Paul Rogers  Paul R 
Here There And Everywhere  Lennon &McCartney (arr Joe Washington)  Jane S 
Un Poco Bach Bach  Jane S  Jane & Michael
Granadinas  Michael R  Michael R 
Twelve Bar Blues Dave King NWGC/CGGC 'Django' Jam

June 2012

Romance  Anon Adam Bragan 
Sweet Geogia Brown Bernie & Pickard  Andy MacKenzie, Neil B, Dave 
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home   Dowland Elidir (Mandy & Llew) 
Fairwell To Stromness  Peter Maxwell Davies  Elidir 
Alegria  Juan Martin (arr) Paul R 
Malaguena       '' '' 
The Laughing Rag  Dave K Dave K (Dobro) 
Come On In My Kitchen  R. Johnson  '' 
Birds Flew Over The Spire  Gary Ryan  Jane S 
Hotel California  arr. David St George  NWCG/CGGC 'Django' Jam 

May 2012

 Title  Composer Performer
Julio  Peter Van Staark  NWGC/CGGC Ensemble
Maskerade   ''  ''
Barcarole   ''  ''
Minor Swing   Django Reinhardt  Neil B & Stewart
Rondo   Carulli  Elidir (Mandy & Llew)
Si Bhaeg Si Mhor Carolan (arr. Mandy)   ''
The Entertainer  Scott Joplin (arr, DK)  Dave King
Mama, T'int Long For Day  Willie Mc Tell  '' 
Suite No 16 -  Prelude  S. L. Weiss  Chris L & Nigel S 
                     Allemande ''  '' 
It's Time To Say Good Night  Henry Hall   David St. G & Steve
Theme For Young Lovers  B. Welch (Shadows)  '' 
Guitar Tango  N Maine & P G Liferman  '' 
Courante & Ballett CCLCVIII from Terpsichore M. Praetorius  Alan D 
Study Opus 31 No 20 F.Sor  '' 
I'm The King Of The Jungle arr. Neil Browning  NWGC Django Jam

April 2012

 Title  Composer  Performer
Gavotta -Classical Symphony  Prokofieff NWGC /CGGC Ensemble 
Kingston Town  Alfonso Montes  Elidir 
Herbie Flowers   Carolan(arr. Mandy) '' 
Andante  J. Kufnerr  Adam & Jane 
Pavanne  Gasper Sanz  Ian W 
Canarios   ''  ''
Sleepwalk  Santo and Johnny?  Steve & David St G. 
Evil Woman Blues (slide)  B K Turner Dave K 
Sevillana  J. Martin  Paul 
Alegrias  J. Martin  '' 
Julia Florida  A Barrios  Nigel Platt 
The Preacher Picked The Guitar  Roy Bookbinder  Mike 
 Study No 6 in D F. Sor   Delmi
4 Venezualan Waltzes - Melancholia, Monotonia, Nosalgia, Waltz  Rieri Rodrigo  ''
 Twelve Bar Pattern organised by Dave King   NWGC Django Jam

March 2012  

 Title  Composer  Performer
Estampe   Anon Marianne & Neil
Hey Baby Hey  Broonzy, Conley, Clapton Dave, Mike & Paul
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out  Jimmy Cox  ''
All My Friends Have Gone  Stefan Grossman  Dave K. 
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry    '' 
Capricho Arabe (1st part!)  Tarrega  Jane 
La Feria (some of!)  Juan Martin  '' 
Granadinas  ''  '' 
 Angie David Graham  Mike 
Ffidal Ffadal  Welsh Trad.   NWGC 'Jam'

February 2012

Title Composer Performer
 English Country Garden Anon Ensemble
 Il Vecchio Castello   Mussorgski Ian W 
 ''I Will Survive''  Rhumba Stlye   Paul R + David St G 
 Granadinas  Juan Martin Paul R
 Greensleeves  Anon David St G 
 In France   Alan D + Delmi 
 When Did You Leave Heaven W. L. Broonzy  Dave K 
 Tea For Two (Django Style)   V. Youmans  NWGC  Django Jam

January 2012

Title Composer Performer
 Sporades Suite - Skiathos   S. Horn Ensemble
                         Scopelas       ''   ''
                         Alonissos       ''   ''
 Wild Mountain Thyme Trad. Scott. (arr. Mandy) Elidir
 Andante  Vivaldi   ''
 Apache Jerry Lordon    David St.G + Paul 
 Anglesey Blues Jam  David St G + Paul  ''
 Spanish Waltz  Unknown Dave K 
 Tennessee Waltz  Pee Wee King
(arr. Dave  K. on Slide Guitar)
 Study No. 1 (Book 2) Leo Brower  Delmi 
 Study No. 3 Carcassi  ''
 Tremolo Study ''  '' 
 Summer Time  George Gershwin David St. G + Neil 
 Sweet Georgia Brown   Bernie and Pikard '' 
 ''Flamenco'' Andalucia  Gregg Gregg 
Lambeth Walk Noel Gay (arr. Neil)   NWGC - Django Jam

December 2011

Title Composer Performer
Dark Woman Of The Mountain Trad. Irish Rob & Dewi
Eleanor Plunkett Carolan Mandy & Llew
The Swan Catriona Mckay (arr. Mandy) Mandy & Llew
Nothing Else Matters  Metallica Joe S.
Study  Opus 60. No. 7 Carcassi Kerry S.
Cancion Del Emperador Luys de Navarez  Ian W.
Minor Swing  Django Reinhardt/ Stephane Grappelli  Alan & Neil 
Bood Bye Percy Walker  Brookes Williams  Dave K. 
Soleares (1) Juan Martin  Paul R. 
Soleares (2) Juan Martin  Michael R 
Further Than I Thought  Neil Browning   Mary & Jane 
Jingle Bells  J. Pierpont  NWGC! Fusion of styles. 

November 2011

Title Composer Performer
A Minor - No. 13 J S Bach Neil & Marianne
Sweet Georgia Brown   Neil & Alan
Mi Glwyaf Dyner Lais Trad. Llew & Mandy
Y Deryn Pur Trad. Llew 7 Mandy
Fandagos de Huelva Juan Martin Paul R
Granadinas M Roscoe Michael R
Tarantas M Roscoe Michael R
Birds Flew Over The Spire G Ryan Jane S
Study No. 19 L Brouwer Barry H
Danza L Brouwer Barry H
Ain't Misbehavin   Dave K
When Did You Leave Heaven   Dave K
Stairway To Heaven L Zeppelin Joe S

October 2011





Alfonso Montes 

Mandy & Llew 

Duet for Two Guitars (Cantabile)

F. Sor 

Mandy & Llew

Cycles In The Avenue

Vincent L. Clarke 

Alan D 


Juan Martin

Paul R 

Caprice 24


Paul R 


Juan Martin 

Paul R 

I'm So Lucky I Could Cry 

Hank Williams 

Dave K 

Dark Was The Night And Cold Was The Ground 

Willie Nelson 

Dave K 

My Wales

Vittorio Rossi 

Barry H 

 Cook Book 

Larry Johnson 

Peter Howlett (Ukulele)

 I Was Born To Preach The Gospel

Washington Phillips 

Peter Howlett (Ukulele)