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1st meeting Hendre Hall, Talybont, Nr Bangor  - due to 'lack of staff' we relocated to
Anglesey Arms, Menai Bridge on TUESDAY 13th MARCH, 2007 - due to refurbishments we then moved to 
The Farrar Suite, Bangor City Football Club on TUESDAY 12th FEBRUARY, 2018 but then due to closure of the Football Club we relocated to The Split Willow, Llanfairfechan on TUESDAY 5th FEBRUARY, 2019

The founders and organisers of
are Jane and Dave Sinnett who may be contacted either by e mail 
or by telephone 
01407 831480

JANE AND DAVE (updated  OCTOBER 2018)

I (Jane) became interested in guitar aged 8 years old as my parents listened to recordings of Andres Segovia, John Williams, Julian Bream, Django Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, Gipsy Kings, . . . . . all forms of guitar -   it amazed me even then how verstaile the guitar could sound - and so at the age of 9 decided I wanted to play guitar. I was taught a few chords and finger picking then moved onto Classical at the age of 10. My teacher (in my home town of Wolverhampton) was 'over enthusiastic' at the prospect of entering me  for exams in Classical Guitar - this did not appeal and so I decided to stop taking lessons . I was invited to help form a folk group in school - stopped playing altogether at the age of 17 - and re started and the age of 35 (1997) 

I never realised Guitar Circles/ Societies existed until 2000 when I met a guitarist at a  wedding - John Byrne - he introduced me to Chester and Manchester Guitar Circles. I was so sure that if I had known such meetings existed I would have carried on studying Classical Guitar as a teenager. I attended CGC + MGC quite regularly - but these were quite some distance from our home on Anglesey -  so, with the help of my husband we formed NWGC /CGGC.  

Guitar wise - I have taken Grade 5 Classical Guitar - followed by Leisure Play Grade levels  7 + 8.
I was hoping to complete a Perfomance Diploma Course by 2016 - but this hasn't been possible due to other commitments and a gross lack of practice.
I am self employed  - looking after guests who come to stay in our holiday cottage and caravan and I also help out at a local dental surgery  where I used to work as a Dental Nurse.

NWGC/CGGC is a friendly meeting  for guitarists to exchange ideas, practice together and provides a platform for budding performers.
NWGC/CGGC was formed with an appreciation of how versatile the guitar can - which is why it is open to all forms of acoustic guitar.

Guitar is my hobby and my passion.
In forming NWGC/CGGC I hoped it would rekindle the desire to play in those who, for whatever reason, had ceased to play and encourage others to listen to/ play guitar whatever age they may be.
Also, I wanted to build a bridge between all the different styles.

 Daveoriginally from Lancashire, does not play guitar - BUT  - he loves listening to guitar music and is fully supportive in my passion. His favourite style of guitar music is Flamenco  -  Dave listened to this in his garage whilst rebuilding his Honda VFR! 
Dave's passion is motorbikes . . . he used to be a competitive  motocross rider approx 30 years ago - but he still loves to reminisce.
He  moved to Anglesey in 1977 and took early retirement after 35 years of being a Nuclear Power Engineer.

Dave and I work together running a little holiday buisiness  - ''The Cottage'' and ''The Caravan'' which  overlook the beautiful coastal views on the North side of The Isle of Anglesey.
It is ideal if you would like a quiet, peaceful, tranquil secluded break . . . but if you wish to chat or play about with guitars or motorbikes -  we are always to hand!

To find out more about our holiday breaks - visit
www.facebook.com/holidayatynysgoch or feel free to contact us on 01407 831480