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 Welcome to the LAST NWGC/CGGC Virtual Meeting TUESDAY 7th July 2021

Noswaith dda a chroeso i bawb/ Good evening and welcome to the Sixteenth and final virtual meeting of the North Wales Guitar Circle/ Cylch Gitar Gogledd Cymru !

Yesterday evening, some of us had the privilege of actually meeting in person at the Split Willow, Llanfairfechan. Even though we have had a snapshot into each others’ musical lives through our virtual meetings, there’s nothing quite like swapping stories and tunes face to face. There were about a dozen NWGC/CGGC members at last night’s meeting. First the Ensemble played together for the first time in sixteen months, then Dave K led a lovely chat and catch up. We had some time for those who wanted to perform to do so, some of which we captured on video. Lastly, we finished the evening off with Neil Browning, leading the Django Jam with, ‘We Are the Champions’. It was, all in all, a lovely occasion!

For those that couldn’t make it to the meeting, some of last night’s performances will be featured in this post.

All our videos are filmed using various methods and locations, whatever you have available. No-one should be worried about making mistakes or how things look – Just taking part is the thing that counts most and makes these virtual meetings so memorable.

Not all Guitar Circle members are on Facebook or YouTube so, although they are able to view all the videos, they won’t be able to ‘like’ or leave comments for them.

This month we have a very special guest indeed –Mr X is a  local composer, arranger, teacher and performer who played at the inaugural meeting of the NWGC/CGGC, and will now be playing at the final virtual meeting, ( cross fingers!) 


Thank you so much Jonathan! Beautiful pieces….and what a lucky cat Delilah is to have such a lovely tune written for her!

For those of you that want to purchase copies of Jonathan’s music, they’re available via; www.fedoramusic.co.uk

There are lots more aural treats available from Jonathan on his YouTube channel; ‘Jonathan Richards Classical Guitarist’, including complete concerts!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of Jonathan’s cd’s , or booking a lesson, check out his website; www.jonathanrichardsguitar.co.uk

Now it’s the turn of our members.


Over to the NWGC Ensemble first. Here they are to play ‘Bransle’ and ‘Mille Regretz’...



 Lovely to hear you again after such a long time. Thanks to Mark J for his arrangement of ‘Mille Regretz’ and bring his superdooper bass guitar!

 Taking to the stage now  is Andy Mackenzie and his good friend Eryl Jones  who, Andy says, is doing the hard work!


You both make it look so effortless Andy...... But we all know that you’re both just really talented!


Deuawd Elidir, also known as Mandy and Llew are up next. Here they are from last night’s meeting to play JS Bach, Invention 13.


Thanks both.


Chris Hanks has been another dedicated contibutor to our virtual meetings.... Here he is playing his own composition,’Fragile’.


Many thanks Chris.


Mandy’s up next with an arrangement by our friend Colin Tommis of Blondie’s ‘Sunday Girl’.


Thanks Mandy.


Hugh Taylor is next on stage with this version of a Lead Belly classic....


So good.. Thanks Hugh.


Now here’s Mark Jordan with a beautiful Leo Brower piece, ‘Un Dia de Noviembre’.


Thanks so much Mark.


Dylan is taking to the virtual stage now, with his own composition, ‘I Mari’ (‘For Mari’). The guitar he’s using was bought for our daughter, Mari, and very kindly set up for her by Dave King. Dylan took the opportunity of recording this piece on Mari’s guitar before it disappeared to Cardiff to be with it’s proud new owner!


Thanks Dyl..... and thanks for your hard work setting it up Dave.... The girl can do bar chords now!


Now for  another pearl from Andy ... Here he is to play,” I’m Confessin’ (That I Love you)”


We love you too Andy!


The turn of Our Jane now! Here she is to play, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, written by George Harrison and ‘Fix You’ ,by Coldplay......



Lovely! Thanks Jane!


Over to the King now..... Dave King that is. Here he is with a highly varied programme!


  That was ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ by Richard Strauss and ‘Travelling Riverside Blues’, by Robert Johnson.... Don’t ever let it be said that you don’t get variety at the NWGC – That’s two names I never thought I’d see in the same sentence!

Well done Dave!! Ardderchog!


Django time now..... Take it away Neil!



Thank you so much to all our performers, those who took the trouble to record themselves, and  those who were recorded at our meeting- Without you, these meetings would be just impossible! Huge thanks to Neil , for arranging and leading our Django Jam. Also, a huge thank you to Jonathan Richards for being our very special mystery guest. Cadwch yn saff/ Keep safe and look forward to seeing you in person.