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TUESDAY 4th FEBRUARY, 2020 (1st Tuesdays)


2020 MEETINGS - Ensemble practice in brackets
February 4th (25th) Tuesday 18th - concert at Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge
March 3rd      (24th)
April 7th        (28th)
May 5th         (26th)
June 2nd       (23rd)
July 7th         (28th)
August 4th     (25th)
September 1st (22nd)
October 6th    (27th)
November 3rd (24th) Saturday 14th November - Concert at Split Willow
December 1st


ENSEMBLE - every 4th Tuesday 
TUESDAY 18th FEBRUARY, 2020      7.00 pm - 9.00 pm 
Encouraging Classical Guitar  -  learn through playing in a group.
Lead by Alan Duckworth
Contact Jane Sinnett for further information.   


A warm welcome to all players (and non players) of any standard - classical, flamenco, slide, blues etc - whatever your interest you will be made welcome.

At our meeetings we have a selection of books containing manuscript or tablature, wide variety of guitar magazines, cd's  and dvd's for you to browse through or to borrow if you so wish.
Some of the music has been donated to our guitar circle  by composer/performer VITTORIO ROSSI, most of which Vittorrio has composed with North Wales in mind. He has also kindly donated some of his cd's which we sell to raise money for our 'funds'!  

There is chance to try Carlo Errico Classical Guitars, Carlo brings a selection of his guitars to our meetings and is happy for you to try them and offer advice on any problems you have with your own guitar.


7.00 pm Short Ensemble practice

7.45 pm Arrival time - chance to get a drink, find a chair generally make yourself at home

8.00 pm 'Welcome greeting' from Jane - sometimes we discuss 'guitarry' matters . . .ranging from problems encountered (relating to guitars only!!) to who is playing what  - where and when - open for all to contribute to!  This is followed by the chance  in which you can either join in with possibly more ensemble, play solo in a 'quiet' corner somewhere, join in with other players of varying styles, browse through the selection of books or simply chat and relax with others - taking in the sound of different styles! 

9.00 pm (ish) we reassemble as a group where you can have the opportunity to perform infront of everyone (on average - there are 22 (ish) people present) There is no pressure to play - so please do not be put off by this 'session' - just sit and listen to others! However . . . if your excuse is that you can't play because you have left your guitar at home - I always take a spare for you to use!!!!!!!  

10.00 pm (ish) To finish the evening - we have a little 'jam' session.
Dave King takes us through a very easy 12 BAR BLUES followed by some Gypsy Jazz with Neil Browning.
Neil very kindly arranges this to suit all styles and capabilities of guitar playing, providing chords/chord shapes/manuscript and tab, this is then sent to everyone  before the meeting. If, however, you prefer to improvise in your own style - this too is very welcome . . . again, no pressure to join in - it is just a fun way of ending the evening!

 If you would like any further information on either our meetings or practice sessions - please do not hesitate to contact Jane

                                    WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU